MyCongo – A solo exhibition of artist Laura Pinhas

MyCongo – A solo exhibition of artist Laura Pinhas

The exhibition starts on the 24.6 ending on 20.7.2022

At the Galery of Tribal and Israeli Art

Bahalei Hamelaha Street 13, Tel Aviv

Curators: Shelly Reshks and Nilly Vitztom – ATODO

For many years Laura and her family lived in the Congo, Africa. As a young woman there she was deeply influenced by the Congolese people and her daily interaction with them created experiences that burned in her mind and became part of her.

She brought, with her, to Israel the clothes, traditions, local culture and perception of the life she had accumulated during her years there.

The influences from the Congo are reflected in the range of her works on display in the MYCONGO exhibition.  The name of the exhibition is derived from the rare combination in which Laura found herself. 

Life led her to distant lands in the wake of love and she was sensitive and understanding to her new life.  She created for her family and herself a full life within the Israeli and the local community.  She opened her home to activities involving and collaborating with diverse communities and the Congolese scene which formed the basis for her creations.

We met Laura in Israel, after returning from Africa, at the Sculpture Studio; a modest, humble, dominant and energetic woman. She conquered everyone’s hearts with her great wisdom and integrated the Studio in a way as if she had always been here.

She began her creative journey as a sculptor, under the mentoring of sculptor David Peer, and in no time found her style and personal stamp. Laura’s creativity and artistic ability brought her to virtuoso and impressive achievements.  

Sometime during this growth process, the attachment to her life in Africa overwhelmed, crystallized and shimmered in Laura.  Over the last 10 years she has created an impressive library of work characterized by the individual language that characterizes her.  This language is expressed in all her sculptures which create a sense of levitation and grounding at the same time.

Laura brought to our districts the scenes of the natural lives of the Congolese . Laura’s connection and love for the place allows her to create faithfully from her hearts of hearts.

Laura, like many 20th century creators who created series out of environmental influences or used certain materials to express themselves, began in her own way to bring to our consciousness a different lifestyle. In her works, through the series of sculptures, she expresses the simplicity of life out of the belief that these are the elements of her private paradise and making this creative experience accessible to the viewer through her eyes.

Laura for us is Mother Earth, Gaia in Greek mythology, creates her sculptures from the earth and through her hands.  The authenticity and nobility in Laura’s sculptures are the antithesis of the Western gaze and illustrate the primary and simplicity of humanity.  While this collection of sculptures emerges out of the busy and chaotic concrete life, Laura succeeds to brings us back to that moment of innocence, silence, earthy and serene  essence of being.

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