Here I am. World! – Israel Tabakov solo exhibition

                                        Israel Tabakov, an international artist born in Irkutsk, Siberia, sits in his small studio in the northern Israel, recalling, dreaming and painting with endless sensitivity and impressive technique, countless works presenting the magnificent landscapes of distant Siberia, the dense forests, the simple village with people walking around, and the frozen river in which beautiful women wash themselves.

Tabakov gazes from afar, with a poetic, sensitive point of view that observes without interfering or being judgmental. Memories and dreams are positioned in acrylic colors on the canvas with a unique and impressive graphic technique and with a delicate, sensitive color palette that allows the viewer to connect, feel, and understand what the artist recalls, dreams, and feels.

Tabakov says, “World. Here I am! Stop for a moment, listen to me! And through my paintings, listen to yourself. There is a poetic and wonderful world around us, we just need to stop and listen.” In the noisy and demanding world we live in, the viewer is given the opportunity to connect with silence, reflection, and the delicate poetry expressed on the canvas; to feel the breathing space, the clean air, be amazed by the beauty of the women bathing in the river, feel the frozen water, admire the dense forest and the composition – chopped wood placed in the middle of a forest clearing – connect to the slow rhythm of village life, listen to the agreeable conversation between the four women sitting on the windowsill, feel the pleasant warmth rising from the bedroom, drawn in detail, and even, for a moment, feel the beautiful, pleasant, good, and calm place.

Israel Tabakov was a member of the former Soviet Union Painters’ Association, and immigrated to Israel in 1991. Tabakov exhibited in Israel and abroud and was twice awarded the Herman Struck Prize.

Dr. Galia Duchin Arieli


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