Exit ticket Group exhibition

“Exit ticket?”
Everyone has their own bright spots that keep them strong.
Darkness is replaced by light and sadness by joy.
The scars that remain will tell our story
And the smile on the face will tell our strength.
Yevgeny Goffman.

“Exit ticket”?
When I think of a point of departure, I see the light in the embrace, the light of home and nature.
A whirlwind of threatening and destructive forces will not blind my eyes in the myriad directions of my gaze.
The light always resides in us
Michal Zakai

“The Exit Ticket”.
When our once familiar world that seems the same on the outside, no longer is as it was, and never will be again.
When this Exit Ticket is presented, we must gather all our inner strength and find some way to live again.
To feel the love again that is always within us.
Beth Shahar

“exit ticket”?
At midnight
the gates of night will welcome tomorrow.
and a prayer for an anchor in the storm
a safe ground
a steady hand steering the wheel.
an open heart
In 2024 – May we breath freely
Mika Hadar

Exit ticket?
where? When? How?
Still learning to breathe again after the Black  Shabbat
when the light goes out
Everything fell apart in horror.
Familiar colours are gone
Shades blended into a new world we didn’t know.
And within the huge page we are in the middle of
All that remains is
Turn on the magic light of faith and hope together.
Michali  Adler

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