Light in the Dark” – a developing exhibition by Ophira Vera Avisar”

”I am a woman without tradition, I struggle to define myself every day, I am a renaissance of an imaginary culture, I am a new classic… I question and ponder, I write for the future, guess outlines, reinforce signs of what begins and ends. I am a painter of magic moments in blue On white and white on black, tells about compassion and hugs and a loving look and wants to be free to my soul and create magical and special worlds between the lines in my drawings”..

Ophira  vera Avisar is a multidisciplinary plastic artist who has worked for many years in Tel Aviv and abroad. She studied painting in Italy and completed courses in stage setting. She paints plays, erects sculptures, paints huge murals, photographs, and paints Tel Aviv and above all translates reality into lines and volumes. Avisar is also A social activist and the creator of “My Beloved Tel Aviv” on Facebook, where she posts photos of beautiful buildings from the city’s early days, hoping to convince those in authority to preserve it and let it be as beautiful as it was in the past. In addition, Avisar creates with recycled materials, in newspapers, plastic of all kinds, plastic bottles “The environment is part of my responsibility. I clean and arrange the city so that it is pleasant for me”..

The beginning of the exhibition “Light in the Dark” at the Water Institute in Givatayim. For half a year, Avisar worked in a small room in the gallery where she made chalk drawings, created sculptures and slowly layers of creation were created in the room.

The room was dark and the visitors were the light that illuminated the drawings. “Once I was convinced to give up thoughts.. but now I pull lines that branch and get tangled out of me. I write a communication network ready to use”.

The exhibition now on display at the Global Art Gallery in centre Tel Aviv will continue the exhibition that was at the Givatayim Water Institute and will continue to change throughout time, things will be deleted and new ones will be created in their place. It is an immediate and lasting work of art. According to Avisar, “”Light in the Dark” is an intimate, topical and private conversation with each and every viewer. Colleague artists selected in advance will add their work gradually, people who come to the exhibition are also invited to add what is on their hearts. They can search and look.

 In addition, the exhibition will present the book “Blue on the sea shore”, a book that brings together poetry and art and provides a temporary summary of Avisar’s international work. This is a unique book that includes drawings and texts that talk about the same things. Sometimes you have to dig deeper to understand why she connected a certain drawing to a certain song. According to Avisar “I draw pictures because these blue lines seem to me like the only way to say what I want to say. I write when the words seem to me the only way to say what I have to say. I connected these two languages ​​and that is what is in the book.” Each of the books will have an original drawing that Avisar will draw after printing. Whoever buys the book will be able to choose the original drawing that will set their copy apart… until they run out… The book and the exhibition are different perspectives on the same things.

Dr. Galia Duchin Arieli

Global Art Gallery – Merkaz Baaley Melacha 13 Tel Aviv. .

Tel – 0502811710

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