“Folds in Time” – Michali Adler solo exhibition

Michali Adler, multidisciplinary artist, painter and interior designer, teacher and consultant in MetaFeelings methods, the neohomology. Graduated from Bezalel School of Art.

I invite you to take part in an artistic project and my soul in an energetic exhibition that will be a space of unification and healing that bridges gaps and opinions, a place that respects the freedom of the individual regardless of religion, race or gender.

The purpose of the exhibition is to encourage dialogue and offer a visual language that transcends barriers. Painting evokes shared feelings, stimulates discourse and even fosters a sense of collective healing in times of difficulty. The visual paintings go beyond the words and offer a deep and intimate connection with the viewers.

The name of the exhibition “Folds in Time” represents for me a fabric of space and time that undergoes manipulations that allow shortcuts or jumps between points of time and place. My paintings deal with breathing art, influenced by the complex system between man and nature, and messages that reach me from above and create a unique movement that resonates between the dimensions of time that change from painting to painting.

What is spiritual art? Looking into it creates a reminder in the viewer that there are other hidden worlds around him that are full of energy. Reflections into the mirror of everyone’s unique soul. Through my journey and art, I want to inspire others to embrace their uniqueness. Within each of us lies the power to create and change himself, his way of looking at the world around him and to see the beauty and abundance that exists in all its types.

I was exposed to the healing power of painting at the age of two when my physical mobility was extremely limited and despite physical and emotional difficulties I was able to walk without any external signs, which is considered a miracle. I learned that from every breakup, break, pain and loss it is possible to grow and strengthen and the creative side of me played a big part in these healing processes. Painting was my close friend. I painted lying down and created imaginary worlds in which I am the magical alchemist who creates reality and looks at the world from a bird’s eye view.

In retrospect, I understand that painting was for me a place of healing and refuge from pain. Painting is oxygen for me and through it I connect to the subconscious, to the higher soul in me, which sees the beauty of man, nature, animals, plants and the synchronicity with the infinite universe around us. In painting I move in infinite space and create new worlds, connected to magical time frequencies and full of love. Messages arise from the subconscious and seek to receive a visual expression. You can treat the paintings as an energetic library charged with frequencies of love and healing. The works go beyond the known and expected boundary, and aim to open and unite hearts. Looking at the content creates a reminder in the viewer that there are other hidden worlds, devoid of time, that flow magical frequencies and energy full of light, hope, healing and love to those who watch them.

The work process/inspiration: the process is created on the canvas or paper and in it a spiritual dynamic is created that is fed by the imagination. A new energetic world. Sometimes it is Sisyphean in details and execution and sometimes loose and wild. Nature influences my content, but in painting a new nature is created. parallel worlds . The resonance of the energy of the water against the earth.

The creative process for me is a deeply personal and intuitive journey, guided by my subconscious by receiving inspiration and synchronicity from above. Like codes used as keys to discover other worlds. My works serve as a bridge between the earthly and the heavenly, between the tangible and the intangible and inspire and comfort the viewer and create a resonance full of light. My art goes beyond the boundaries of the familiar, and aims to unite hearts and bring a sense of wonder and connection to our lives. It is a great privilege and opportunity to touch the lives of others through my creative expression.

Adler tanks.

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