Shmilat – solo exhibition by Menuha Cohen

Menuha Cohen presents in the gallery a series of works created from jewelry she received from her late mother. These jewelry led to an in-depth study to understand the world of Yemeni women and the importance of jewelry in their lives. The study focused first on jewelry that was in the
.family and then expanded to other jewelry from different regions created by goldsmiths born in Yemen and native to the country

:Menuha says
“As a child, I remember that my late mother would occasionally go through her jewelry and tell about the jewelry she had in the past and how they took the jewelry from her when she boarded the plane to Eretz Yisrael under the pretext of a ban on being overweight . From here comes the broken and broken motif that runs like the other thread throughout the exhibition. Most of the images on display are one part of an entire piece of jewelry that expresses a symbol of the crisis experienced by the Jews of Yemen when the jewelry was taken from them during their Aliyah to Israel

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