Organizers – Aliza Borshak solo exhibition

“Art has the power to change!” Aliza Borshak says that throughout her years of work she creates out of a prominent social consciousness combined with a deep moral consciousness and a desire to change perceptions and values in the beholder. “When they say the exclusion of women-it shocks me ! And that’s the trigger for my art. My art is protest art. As soon as I talk about the injustices and show works that describe what I’m saying it comes to a wider and greater awareness. That’s my ability to influence.” Borshak’s works deal in a clear and concise way with female consciousness and identity, the face and body of the woman and the place of the woman in society. The motifs that pass as the second thread in all her works deal with the exclusion of women from the public sphere, with respect to women in the Bedouin society close to where she lives in Beersheba ,polygamy, oppression, control of all levels of life. Through art, Borshak expresses deep shock at the demand for women to cover and hide their bodies, their hair and their faces, horrified by the demand for women to sit in the back of the bus. This is the main trigger for the works of art presented before us. “I protest and I cry out the pain of women through my canvases.” Sometimes the cry is put in the viewer’s face and sometimes the cry is hidden, hidden in the canvas but it is always there. At times her works are a bit inferior to cries and relays and mostly the colour of sky and sea and air. Borshak sometimes connects with her innocent childhood through physical use of the
elements that surrounded her in childhood.
Aliza Borshak is a multidisciplinary artist who creates with a variety of techniques and a variet of surprising and refreshing materials. Oil on canvas, computer-processed digital photographs and color therapy, oil on wood, oil on perspex paper combined with wallpaper, work with X-ray slides, exhibits, reliefs and more and more artistic techniques in surprising and original combinations. Borshak creates nonstop, without hesitation and without crippling self-criticism. The work of art is an integral part of her life unabated and without filters. The great multiplicity of techniques and experiences yields a large and impressive body of work, only part of which is presented in the exhibition before us.
Aliza Borshak was born in Baghdad and moved with her family to Holon. Her parents and four children were determined to leave the crossing and integrate into the country. “My mother was an iron lady who said,” We’re not going to stay a minute in transit.” Indeed, not long after her parents managed to buy an apartment in Holon that is used by the family to this day.
Be’er Sheva
Graduate of a midrash in Tel Aviv.
A Degree in Communication and Art
Writing Poetry
A member of the “Fruit of Peace in Israel” association , in which artists from all sectors work together. Jews, Christians and Muslims.Members of the association believe that through art one can achieve coexistence. And also recognize and cherish the different cultures.
Belongs to the Painters and Sculptors Association. It once belonged to the Negev Artists House.
Aliza has exhibited solo exhibitions in many places in Israel and has participated in numerous exhibitions in Vienna ,Paris ,Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Dr. Galia Duchin Arieli The Gallery of Tribal & Contemporary Art
Merkaz Baalei Melacha13 Tel Aviv Tel. 0559230022

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