African Masks for Sale

African Masks for Sale

Rich strong wood which now speaks of beauty after the artist has thoughtfully engraved its silent yet telling expression.

“The Power of Beauty” from Gabon is a mask that embodies love wisdom and communion.

At the Tribal Art and Culture Gallery there is rich collection of African masks. Each mask tells a different story, represents unique values and holds its own truths. 

Capturing a moment in time and a powerful message

Dr. Galia Duchin Arieli is the founder and collector of the Tribal Art and Culture Gallery.

She has travelled deep into Africa and has met with people who live in tribes and continue on their ancestral way of life.

She has tried to capture this connection and experience that these people have to their past and to their beliefs and culture by collecting unique pieces of their handmade art.

Dr. Galia Duchin Arieli has spent time with each of the artists and has learned about their family and way of life.  She has had a chance to understand the deeper meaning of each piece of art. Each piece is authentic and engraved by tribe members whose techniques have been passed down from many generations.

They are able to capture a moment in time and a powerful message with their handywork.

Each mask expresses universal values which we all share and all connect with. These masks portray different aspects of what makes us human.

Whether its livelihood, prosperity, protection or faith, just to name a few, each mask is unique in its way that it demands respect for the values portrayed.

One can appreciate the masks as they are at face value knowing that someone spent lots of time and thought into creating these pieces of art and one can always go deeper to find new layers of appreciations in the story and strength that the wooden masks embody.

Human expressions and values have forever been transmitted through art.

Art is meant to move you, sparking a memory, following the path of connections and relationship while igniting a feeling inside of you. African art, especially these masks, in every capacity captures these feelings and values. From the idea sparked by the artist, to the most natural materials used to the techniques of how the wood is carved; every step takes you into a deeper layer of the art and into realism that it portrays. Simply put, these masks are an extraordinary work of art that when you look upon them, it keeps you connected and grounded.

We invite you to look at our collection of masks at the Tribal Art and Culture Gallery and find the one that gives you power and that speaks back at you.

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