Dress up the house in Africa

Dress up the house in Africa

In the past few years, he has stormed into the jargon of interior decorators and all those people who are “crazy” about the design “housewarming”. So what does it mean to dress houses? All in all, it means everything we need to make our house look exactly like we imagine it.

  • Full style
  • Charming
  • A personal statement
  • And most importantly: the Wow effect!

The feeling that floods you

Do you know the feeling that floods you when you first enter a home and just stand there with your mouth open and you ask yourself, how did they do it? How did they buy a home from a contractor and turn it into something so special? How did they rent an apartment from the 1950s, crumbling and boring, and create this innovative style?

The answer is a one of a kind and unique design. African furniture, paints, sculptures and masks are all made from local textiles in the continent of Africa.

Make a dream a reality

We can look at design magazines as much as we want, get carried away with imagination and desires and try to make a dream a reality. It seems very simple, but we may also need the professional help of a stylist or an interior designer. Not every one of us has the eye and knowledge of how to make our house fill with soul, the African charm that will make it unique.

Here dreams come true

At the Tribal Art & Culture Gallery you can use the best African design and styling experts. We will do this all for you, combine your desires and preferences with the amazing supply that we have chosen very carefully from African villages, through conversations with African artists and a great knowledge of the unique techniques of processing, carving and materials for this mysterious and mysterious continent.

Fly together on the wings of imagination

Together we will create a detailed map with a fantasy full of your desires and dreams about the different spaces in your home, and set off on a stroll through our gallery, the Tribal Art & Culture Gallery. You are invited to prepare for the meeting and to make a preliminary trip on the website of the Tribal Art & Culture Gallery and start flying on the wings of imagination.

African life, African style

Unlike interior design, you will not have to make structural changes in your home but to maximize its potential and emphasize its uniqueness by carefully choosing african art objects. An African sculpture placed in the right niche and illuminated in the right lighting will give your apartment all that it lacks. A breathtaking African mask on the wall of your living room, along with a matching style like the right color carpets and design items that “speak” to each other in the same language are exactly what you need to give a refreshing new change and a new life to your home.

 African lives

Come to our gallery of Art and Tribal Culture, begin a process that requires your personal taste, your desires and combine the vast knowledge and experience that we have.  This will create a custom-tailored space. Add Africa to your space with spices of textures, natural materials, beliefs and magic.  And it’s all in your house.  Come for a consultation with us at Tribal Art & Culture Gallery.  Fly with us high and far, to the African continent.

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