The way of our african art works to the gallery

The venture of our African Art and how it arrives at our gallery

The long journey of African Art, from Africa to our gallery

The art world today is open and embraces all the works of art created all over the world. Gallery owners from New York, China, France or Cape Town come to Israel or anywhere else in the world to meet with local artists and buy their works, and then exhibit them in galleries around the world. In the case of African Art, gallery owners meet with local tribal artists, buy their magnificent works and present the art in their galleries.

Tribal tradition and the preservation of anonymity

It is important to clarify that unlike artists in the Western world, African artists do not sign their names on the works of art, only the name of their tribe.  Therefore, they remain anonymous. Western artists expresses themselves, their feelings and dilemmas through their art.  On the other hand, tribal artist do not express themselves but instead reflect tradition, beliefs and social relationships within the their tribal art.

 Not a souvenir

The gallery owners buy the art works from the African artists and display them in galleries around the world. Thus, art lovers can enjoy and purchase art from all over the world without physically reaching the artists themselves. The works of art presented in our gallery are not souvenirs for tourists, but works of art, mainly sculptures and carved wooden masks that meet every artistic standard. Our African artworks are meticulously carved,  exciting in their beauty and are within easy reach of both enjoyment and purchase for the general public.

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