Stop for a moment the race of your life – the African Tribal Art Gallery

 Stop for a moment from your life on the run – the African Tribal Art Gallery

Stop for a moment from your life on the run, for time that runs away doesn’t listen. The hoarse voice of an African musical instrument or a handmade wooden cylinder, takes you to a distant land. To Cameroon. Where the time is different and the people are different.  There is a man, sits and carves, creates sculptures, masks, and African tribal musical instruments, whose creations reflect long tales of tradition.  You have an opportunity to explore the beautiful creations. You do not have to fly faraway to Africa to look for magic and escape to a world which bears its own unique cultures.  We brought the unique African Art for sale here, just for you.

Who are we?

The Tribal Art and Culture Gallery was founded by Dr. Galia Duchin Arieli, Musicologist and expert of art.  Dr. Duchin Arieli and her team located the most unique and rare African sculptures and masks and brought them to our Gallery. The Tribal Art and Culture Gallery presents and sells original African artwork, each of them is unique and not mass reproduced.

The story behind the art

Each one of our masks and each one of our sculptures and musical instruments are carefully chosen and represents a different aspect of life and culture. Every mask and every sculpture is fraught with power and embedded with meaning.  The gallery offers a variety of masks, sculptures, musical instruments and unique works of art that express universal human cultural value: faith, and family, livelihood, protection, fertility, healing and health.

Take for example the Dogon tribe from Mali. A tribe that stands out for decorating their homes with masks that symbolize fertility and protection from evil. Their masks influenced the greatest modernist artists such as Picasso, Braque and others.

A union between body and soul

Imagine how it will be to talk with the guests who come to your house about the tribal art work in your home, and to tell them about the unique value it represents, the union of body and soul and the artist’s long tradition of creating it in one of Africa’s exotic remote tribes.  Imagine how it will be to talk with the guests about the unique wood used by the artists. All this is revealed when you browse our gallery on line and choose a tribal artwork that pulls at your heart and soul.

Power and protection

According to African tribal belief, these works of art, these African sculptures and masks, have the power to protect and strengthen the inhabitants of the house. Imagine how it would be to place in your home these African artworks, each with a different charm. Imagine the sculpture  “the union of love” lying next to your double bed and placing its marital power, or the beautiful “Wheel of Life” mask decorates the wall of your family room, reminding us the power of life.


Remember that every piece is unique and they are all one-of-a-kind creations.

It will give the walls of your home an authenticity that does not exist anywhere else, and tell the story of the culture of Africa’s tribes.

Originality. Authenticity. Uniqueness. Here at the African Tribal Art Gallery.

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