Is that life?” – Shulamith Ross”

Is that life? That’s the immediate question that arises from looking at Shula Ross’s works. Her art reflects the reality surrounding every contemporary person and touches every person who looks at it and identifies themselves within it. Her work stems from an in-depth investigation of the reality surrounding her and all of us, and the elements of reality serve as the material for her work

Ross looks at the world and herself and conveys the sights through her work of humor and serious doubt through her own prism, giving familiar everyday situations new life and others. Ross tells the story of reality in a wide range of creative materials of different dimensions. Oil on canvas in different sizes of canvases, alongside bronze and aluminum sculptures in all dimensions.


Her art tells stories that take place in the space of reality around us in its own interpretation and presents the images as three-dimensional objects even in the two-dimensional medium. The characters break out of the canvas and invite the viewer to join either as a bystander or an active partner.


The relationships shown in her work are multidimensional and reflect the relationships between the characters themselves, the characters ‘ reference to the landscape and background around them, Ross’s own relationship with the characters and also the viewer’s relationship with the work. Images of women, people and children in diverse social situations form the bulk of her work. The landscape paintings without people also bemoan the absence of characters, rather than the present absentee.


Ross freezes figures and movement into her paintings and sculptures much like the act of photography but at the same time creates inner movement and rich coloration through the characteristic brushstrokes, in the games of light and shadow. The freeze alongside the movement is particularly pronounced in sculptures in which informedand creative use of the material itself in bronze and aluminum.


Ross walks in her own unique way on the line between figurative that does not pretend to present precise photographic truth but does tell a story through clear, familiar imagery 

Her art corresponds with the Impressionists and the Expressionists but Ross is a sculptor and painter of the here and now who tells the life she knows and to which she is connected. At the same time as her art conforms with the art streams of old, she gives a new flavor to the old story that will probably never get old.

Ross’s works relate to the tribal art on display in the gallery in an indirect but very present context. The visitor to the exhibition asks himself whether the world and the reality of life as reflected in Ross’s works is different or similar to the reality of life in tribal societies as reflected in traditional tribal art? Is that life? And how are they different or similar across the wider world? 

Shula Ross is a successful international artist who conducts solo exhibitions and participates in group exhibitions around the world. In 2016, Ross joined Wag Worldwide and was soon appointed Chief Executive 

Aims to bring together selected artists from around the world in various art fields and give every artist the opportunity to express themselves without regard to ethnicity, religion, etc. The organization holds exhibitions around the world and strives to make quality art accessible to adults and children around the world through exhibitions in workshops and on teen days and in the production of dedicated festivals. The organization’s exhibitions are popular because of the diversity of the art on display .

Membership of the organization opened up many opportunities for Ross to present in well-regarded galleries around the world while also making an influential and empowering artistic community


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