ILLUSION by Sagi Erez

Sagi Erez is an international artist who began a long artistic career at the Academy of Arts in Utrecht, the Netherlands, continued her studies in Glasgow, Scotland, where she received a Diploma of Art . From there she moved to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. She received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of California, where she lived for about 20 years. Over the years, her work has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions around the world and acquired by many collectors around the world. About five years ago, Sagi returned to Israel and founded an art studio that quickly filled with students. Today her magnificent works are on display in her first exhibition in Israel at the Tribal & Israeli Art Gallery in central Tel Aviv

“One morning I woke up to a spectacular sight, I saw two birds in Cobalt blue and Ultra Marin…. The next day, on my way home, I looked for the magnificent birds in blue and, to my disappointment, they turned into black crows… I looked for the magnificent blue-winged birds but they bloomed, flew away and left. And Iוט wrap the world in fabrics to keep it alive. I create reflections and in reflections I try to show reality and illusion. The world we see with naked eyes is only a fraction of what is really given to us and therefore we should keep it in the wrappers of love and gratitude. My art is a connection between nature and spirit. Over the years I have left the real characters, but I have not left the spirituality that man finds in and around him. I am creating a free-spirited and adventurous interpretation here that I see as essential to the work.”

Sagi Erez paints a world of beauty and vivid colors that flow gradually toward each other through realistic figurative images of faces, palms, celestial plants, clouds and sky that create a heavenly dream atmosphere of fantastical and timeless realism. Her works are the re-creation of a fantastical reality created out of the canvas, bursting, branching and capturing the moment to create a harmony of colors that become sounds and melodies that emerge from the canvas.

“We all yearn for peace ,for devotion to loyalty, for empathy, for wisdom, for calm, to enjoy the colors of the sun reflected in the flowers and trees, and to smile in the face of the people. Love should be the most powerful thing on earth. If we love we can be loved and that’s what gives us the strength to be better people. My art is incredibly positive.. All the changes we are going through should not scare us but should embrace them because they represent us with a new horizon. They give us a new horizon. There is always hope. Hope is always there.”
The Gallery of Tribal Art & Israeli Art aims to create the connection between traditional art created around the world and contemporary Israeli art. In this spectacular exhibition the connection is reflective. Sagi Erez’s works are fantastically realistic and devoid of time and place and express a world that is timeless and local.
The Art of Sagi Erez


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