The Tribal Art & Culture Gallery is owned by Dr. Galia Duchin Arieli, a musicologist and scholar
of art.

The gallery was established with the aim of making the exotic beauty, power, and artistic style of traditional African tribal art accessible to the general public. The objects displayed here, while made far from the centers of civilization, nonetheless touch on values and emotions that are common to many cultures, ours included. Most are one-of-a-kind works made by anonymous artists as part of an ancient and long-standing tradition that continues to this day.

The items in the gallery for purchase include masks, statues, musical instruments, and a range of other objets d’art. Together they explore themes of faith, love, family, fertility, security, livelihood, health, healing, and the relationship between body and soul. According to tribal tradition, the presence of these items in one’s private sphere creates a sheltered space whose residents are protected and shielded from harm.

In its initial stage, the gallery will serve as a showcase for the traditional tribal art and culture of Africa. At a later date, the gallery will also present traditional tribal works from other parts of the world, thereby offering the visitor a chance to compare and contrast these cultures by means of their tribal artifacts.